Team 254's T-Shirt Cannon](

Team 254 proudly presents Shockwave, our t-shirt shooting robot. The robot was built from August to October 2010. Team 254 plans to use Shockwave to promote the team, our school, our sponsors and our community.

Shockwave features a ten-barrel revolver with gatling action, automatic barrel indexing and motorized adjustable pitch. The robot drives at 12+ feet per second and can shoot projectiles over 150 yards.

Visit our team website for additional information, technical specifications, photos and videos. Be sure to check out the videos page to see the robot shoot 3+ shoots per second.

Very sweet. And kudos for not making the barrel out of PVC ::safety::

That, good sir is awesome.
How do you fit T-Shirts into those tiny holes (no, that is not what she said)

Our teams t-shirt launcher is PVC (triple re-inforced), with one huge barrel of about 3 inches radius. Even tightly wrapped, T-Shirst still have to be stuffed in! I really would like to know how you made that beast-machine!

It looks very awesome.

Very very awesome.

(I want one)

Very, very cool! But what type of wheels are those? :wink:

Very nice! :slight_smile:

Sick cannon. I expected nothing less from the Poofs.

2010 Kit of Parts “Sticky” Wheels with Custom Hubs

Of course you wait until I leave to do cool stuff like this.

I know what they were it just seemed uncommon for a 254 bot.

Happy Birthday btw! :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the idea and design.
btw nice job at cal games

It took me more than 5 minutes to realize those pictures aren’t renders. :eek:

I expect my jaw will close sometime in the next half hour or so. The puddle of drool I’m making is a bit disconcerting.
When you start selling these, let me know.

And it hit Gizmodo

(Don’t read the comments, they will make you rage)

And Hackaday (

How do you guarantee everybody will read the comments?

Impressively built and well thought out design, but you guys do that a lot. :slight_smile: Love the rapid fire!

Beautiful work, clean and polished like we all have come to expect from 254.

We were wondering why the Cheesy Poofs haven’t posted their slew of awesome VEX videos.

They were building cannons ! Really nice work.

Do you guys have any faster buffering video links?
your website videos are not loading for me.

Somebody has to say this…


(And I did look at the comments. Great way to raise the blood pressure. If anybody making the negative ones comes on here, I might wind up dishing out my first red rep…)

You could try the videos on Gizmodo. They’re embedded with Flash rather than HTML5, so you might have better results.

The more I look at this, the more I drool! It is just so pretty.