Team 256 presents: Myron

It’s not the best picture, but it’s what I have. Video coming soon.

Here’s 256’s Ultimate Ascent robot: Myron (named after the greek statue of the discus player).

More images available here

Drivetrain -
-6 wheel drive
-Single Speed (about 8.5 fps)
-4 CIM drive through CIMple Box gearboxes
-4" VEX Versawheels and VersaHubs

Shooting mechanism -
-Linear shooter with 2 AndyMark 8" pneumatic wheels through Spinboxes
-Outer wheel powered my MiniCIM, inner wheel powered by CIM
-Can quickly and accurately shoot full-field with driverstation crosshairs
-Window motor angling device to allow up close and far back shots
-Feeder powered by MiniCIM through a Toughbox Nano quickly fires off all 4 frisbees in under 4 seconds

Hopper -
-Circular bucket (not shown) that stacks 4 frisbees and effectively collects from human player

Climbing mechanism -
-Currently a sub 2 second 10 point climb using 1 CIM-powered winch
-Designed to allow higher climbing additions

“Disc Dropper”-
-Bedsheet wall that raises up to 84" to defend against shooters by greatly dampening the frisbees velocity (not shown)

Frame is made of 1/16" wall steel square tubing of 3/4" and 1/2" diameter. About 93 lbs with everything.

We’ll be competing in Sacramento week 4, and Silicon Valley week 6.

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors who helped us this year, as well as the East West Collaboration Project for their collective knowledge, and The Akash Rastogi Center for Kids Who Can’t Robotics Good And Want to Do Other Things Good Too for providing the knowledge to help make an amazing frc robot (Badal did not assist in the design of Myron).

How Heavy is it?

About 93 pounds with everything (excluding bumpers/battery, of course).

Turned out great, Andrew! You should be extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished for your team. Hope you do very well and accomplish your goals this season.

In the post is says 1/16 wall steel square tube

It’s all steel. Our drive is 3/4" steel, whereas most everything else is 1/2" steel. It’s all really strong stuff. We use 1/16" wall.

Also, I hate to be that guy, but all of this information was in the original post. Please read it before asking questions.

It’s ok to be that guy at times like this!