Team 256 Robo surplus sale this Saturday!

In an effort to fundraise and clean out 10 years worth of tech treasure in our storage bin, Team 256 will be hosting a surplus sale at our school!

Who?: Team 256, The Robo Rams of Willow Glen High School
What?: Surplus sale of tech treasures and electronic equipment
When?: This Saturday! From Noon to 3PM.
Where?: At Willow Glen High School at the storage containers. The storage crate is in a parking lot just south of the baseball field at the northwest corner of the school (near the north end zone of the football field.) San Jose, CA.

We have everything from motors to metal, computers to cables, and much more!

For more details contact me either via PM or by my email ([email protected])


EDIT: While everything we’re selling is useful, to be completely honest with you it’s not worth your time if you live far away. Most items electronic wise aren’t FRC-legal, so teams may not find the perfect part for their 2013 robot. However, this is perfect for Silicon Valley hobbyists or things your team wants to mess around with in the offseason (ie. cheap motors that aren’t legal for competition anymore, hardware, etc)

Any pictures of the items, even one picture of the whole pile/container?

I’ll ask, but I don’t have one myself (Though to be honest one picture won’t be able to show everything.)

I’d be interested in buying items, do you have a list of items and condition?



I’ll assemble a list of things when I have the chance.


If you’re coming from an FRC team, be sure to wear your team shirt! It’ll be like an FRC get together event where you buy our stuff! :smiley:

starts looking for rides to California

If your goal is to raise money by selling FRC related parts, selling to teams online is probably a better idea than a local rummage sale.

I’d love to see a list of what is available like others have commented.

99% of the items aren’t FRC-related (maybe some old motors, but nothing usable now).

As for the list, generating one will be a bit harder for me, since I won’t be able to go in to the shed until Saturday.