Team 256's ball shooter prototype

Just a prototype. Many things will change, like using wheels other than the 2009 wheels we found lying around shiver. The range is limited by our room size, although our room is still pretty long to go through, so it still goes pretty far.

I’m happy to answer any questions/comments/concerns your may have about our design.

Any particular reason for the side-mount on the wheels as opposed to up/down?

To save space vertically, and because we have some…strategic usage of the side mounting. :wink:

Which motors/gearbox are you using?

I cannot believe I am saying this, but they are Banebots-775s. We got our order in today (had no idea they were ordered), and decided it may be possible to try them. They worked, so we plugged them into some CIM-U-LATOR gearboxes and they work like a charm!

We’ve never had a problem with 775’s yet, so maybe they work for us! :rolleyes:

That looks like a ton of compression. Could you guys perhaps be designing a modular compression shooter to change how far you shot it. If so, that’s really clever.

is this the gearbox you used?
our 1:16 planetary gearbox seems too slow

No, but now we are! :smiley: Just kidding. No, we have a set compression, and will just vary our shooting speed if needed, and some extra stuff.

Although to any team who wants to, this is an excellent idea! I suggest it to any team looking for suggestions on shooters.

I imagine 1:16 would be. I figure 1:4-ish would be more appropriate.

I believe so. it was the CIM-U-LATOR for Banebots 775s.

Yeah man O.O

a few questions:

are those the 2010 kop wheels?

is it marking the balls up any?

is are you compressing more that 2"?

  1. Those are the 2009 KOP wheels, however we plan on using different ones.

  2. No marks on the balls! :smiley:

  3. I think a bit more than 2 inches, maybe ;). I’ll let you figure that out.

Check your repeatability. You want to make sure your shooter is extremely repeatable.
When shooting, sources of error will include distance, alignment, … ensure your prototype is shooting in the same spot every shot. Find the variables that influence this.

When comparing a 3 point shot versus a 2 point “dunk”, your 3 pt. shot needs to be at least 66% as accurrate as what you believe a 2 pt. dunk to be.

We’re going for the 2 point dunk most of the time.

If so, then there is likely an easier way to score that doesn’t require a shooter protype that can shoot 25 feet.

Yes, but we also want the ability to shoot far. It makes a team more versatile if they can drive around and score balls really quickly with a dunk, and if needed feed their alliance balls from their alley, making an occasional basket.

We don’t loose any power with our current designs, and it gives us the advantage of versatility.