Team 2579 LIC Robodogs 2019 Robot: Techneeek #TeamSuction

The LIC Robodogs are proud to present our 2019 Robot: Techneeek

We are competing in SBPLI Long Island #1 and New York City Regional.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this build season such a success.



I love the over-the-back scoring

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This is a very impressive robot and I could see it going very far this season. Awesome job!

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Love the design, can’t wait to play with you guys in NYC!


Hopefully,we get to play with you guys again. Your robot looks amazing good luck!

@Nikita_Nekrasov I’m curious to learn more about your hatch mechanism. Which suction cups did you use and which pump are you using to ensure a constant seal? Are you having any problems with consistency of grip and failure of suction?

What mechanism did you guys do to create that kind of suction?

We used this suction cup:

Powered by a SparkFun vacuum pump that we had to modify to use a legal AndyMark 9015 motor on.

We actually want to speed up our arm for our first competition, so we will likely be upgrading to a little larger diameter suction cup.

Otherwise, it’s been great!

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