Team 2587 - Afrobots Website

We have finalized the Afrobots website with an online CAD model and various videos of our 2008 robot in operation. Please check out the website and provide suggestions for improvement or just comments.

Good Luck to all teams !

Looks very nice. One of the nicest layouts Ive seen. Everything seems to load really slow though

Thanks for the great feedback, what was loading slow, the entire page or the header/ images ?

It can be difficult to test connection speeds from far away distances so we really appreciate feedback from across the nation.
We will try to reduce the image resolution depending on the distance and connection speed.

In new york on a “high speed” (1MBps down) cable connection, your images do not load “instantaneously.” Your picture is only 128kB, so I think your server’s connection is just slow.
If you are actually paying for it, I would suggest calling and complaining. If it’s a school server (or even one in your house ;)) I would say that it’s fast enough

Team 694 uses 1and1. Although we don’t really like all their restrictions, they serve up out (large) website without a problem: