Team 2609 presents: Vaultboy

Team 2609 presents our 2018 robot: Vaultboy

Easily my favourite design of the year so far, 2609 is on a tear. Can’t wait to see you guys at Durham, and Waterloo, and McMaster, and ONT DCMP :smiley:

Top ten on my list for sure.

Awesome robot! Just be careful with that autonomous routine. Q90 rules that pushing one power cube through the exchange with another would be controlling two power cubes at once and would give you a tech foul. It looks like you should be fine because you’re launching the cube through the exchange so they don’t contact each other, but it’s something to take note of if your autonomous should miss somehow.

Thanks AriMB, we did consider the cost/benefit of the foul. By firing the cube we have minimised the risk of leaving a cube within reach of the next cube while being in contact with the robot. Just hope the human player has shin pads if they are standing in front of it in auto, maybe a catchers mitt for safety?

Awesome bot!
Picture of vault boy with his bumpers on unbag day!

This is an awesome robot!! We considered this type of thing in our initial strategic analysis and I’m happy it works so well! Can you intake cubes in all orientations? I couldn’t find a clip of that in your reveal video. What’s your fastest recorded 9 cubes in the vault time? Your robot is truly optimized for the vault which I think is really cool!

The first clip shows us picking it up in a vertical position (the logo can’t be on the side, but our drivers are trained to pick them up by opening the claws which gives them a way bigger tolerance to pick the cube up). We never timed our vault cycles, but we did run some practice matches with auto and we scored a total of 21 cubes (1 in the switch in auto, 2 in the vault in auto, 5 in the opposing alliance’s switch in teleop, 5 in our switch in teleop, and 8 in the vault), which I realize is overkill, but decided to go for one extra in the vault before going to park on the ramp for fun. All of this was done alone on a full-size practice field, so this will be DRASTICALLY different in a real match.

I’d love to see some practice match footage of this! 21 cubes is insane!

I am certain that it would be possible during a match due to space restrictions, and defense. Stay tuned on Friday and hopefully the practice matches will be streamed from Durham. I can’t promise anything I’ll try to get our drive team some gopros to record POVs with.

This is the kind of robot that will be picked by the right people on the right division and become a uniquely powerful alliance that can win one of the postseason events. I absolutely love this. Drive the pants off of it, please.

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Saw this on premiere night and fell in love with it. My favorite robot this year. I wish more teams built within their resources and did something like this. Easily a valuable pick and wish there were more of them!

Always an inspiration to see friends stick to simple and continue to perform at a high level. Its not even week 1 and Vaultboy has become Ontario’s favourite robot. I can’t wait to see this robot dominate at Durham and Waterloo when paired with the right scale bot. IMO this robot can be a huge sleeper come District Champs and World’s.

No one should sleep on Vaultboy.