Team 2637 2018-2019 Electrical Documentation

Hello, I do electrical for team 2637 Phantom Catz, and this is our wiring documentation for the 2019 Deep Space season.
2019 Electrical Documentation

The last post I made contains a deleted Google Drive folder, so I put everything on a Github repository. This is only our second year of documenting our electrical system, so any feedback would be a great help.


This is an amazingly well detailed electrical breakdown. My only feedback is that it’s easier to manage information like this if it’s kept in 1-2 documents instead of 5. I love that you’re calculating the estimated weight of your wiring. We always just assume it’s going to add “a few pounds” and hope for the best.

Can you send over a picture of your CAN node?

Thank you! It was definitely difficult keeping up with all the documentation, so that’s why we only stuck with two of the documents mid-season. I’m definitely thinking about consolidating the documentation for Infinite Recharge.

We’ve had issues with weight in the past, so we made weight estimates to keep our robot within the weight limit.

Also, I’m currently not at the lab, so I’ll try to post a picture as soon as I can!

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