Team 2659 Offseason Robot Reveal

Team 2659 Proudly Presents our 3rd Robot of the Rapid React season 3rdTimesACharm

This Robot competed at Tidal Tumble and Beach Blitz
IMG_2868 Small
IMG_2810 Small

Features of this Robot

• Four Bar Intake
• Hopper with a 3D printed Ramp
• Adjustable Hood
• 4 Swerve Modules
• Passive Traversal Climber (Under 10 seconds)

Other notes

Our Swerve Modules are fully custom and not from SDS or WCP

We used a large 3D printer to print a ramp for a hopper to avoid a complex belt setup

We have a 20T rack and pinion hood that has 34 degrees of range

Our climb is a clone is team 1678’s traversal climber

For our last climb stage we use our reverse hook instead of forward to reduce swing and prevent us from slamming into the wall

Due to Limelight being out of stock we utilized a raspberry and snake eyes to create our own

Lastly a team (I think 7157) called us Discount Margie

Special Thanks

Thanks to team 4201 Vitruvian Bots for lending us falcons for our climb for Tidal Tumble and Beach Blitz

Thanks to team 696 Circut Breakers for lending us another falcon at Tidal Tumble

Lastly Thanks to team 3476 Code Orange for lending us a radio at Beach Blitz

We are happy to answer questions you may have about the robot


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Absolutely loved playing with you guys and “Budget Margie” at Beach Blitz! :smiley:

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Our match with you guys was definitely one of my favorites I also got this legendary picture

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