Team 2660 Website Feedback Welcome

Hello all,

We’ve got our website up and running and would like some feedback on changes/improvements. It’s pretty rough right now but I’m thinking that with some specific suggestions, our kids can get it running smoothly soon.


It’s not bad for a rough site, and I like the pengbot ball photo. Might I suggest that you make your sponsor links and the FIRST link target to new windows (target="_blank"). You should also have some padding between different sections on your pages (like the sponsors page), and I’m assuming that the text in parenthesis are just notes for future reference. You might also want to add the FIRST logo somewhere relevant on the site (i.e. The homepage and/or FIRST page). Nice work thus far though. :smiley:

haha our coach took a picture similar to that one. if you want to see it, look for the username galewind.

as for the site, there is some places where there are things in parentheses (Manufacturing Class: (photo)) are they supposed to be there. also, i am helping my friend with our website ( and in the FIRST manual, it says you need to display the first logo prominently, and also you need to have FIRST’s mission and terminology. look at our site for an example. not bad for a rookie team, but thats my two cents