Team 269 T-Shirts

To help us get to Nationals, Team 269 will be selling our own shirts (minus the sponsor list) on eBay shortly, I have only pictures right now, but I will submit the link and the price as soon as possible. I was just wondering (primarily) if anyone is interested in purchasing any of the shirts and if anyone has advice for setting up accounts to sell multiple items at a time.



This is a great way to get to Nationals. However, with the price of shirts and shipping being as they are, may I recommend cafepress? That can help alleviate some of that shipping stress. For instant results, get out to your community and ask for donations. It’s a tough occasion.

Good luck to you.

  • Genia

that is a great idea! Do any teams right now have a cafepress store?

Team 639 from England does… Look up a user on this forums named Denman (something) and look at his signature. He has a link to their store.


I would pay for one of those shirts in a heartbeat.

GREAT idea!

What’s on the back?

Awesome shirts. I’m buying one.

CafePress accounts are free, but the free account limits you to 1 logo per item type (a.e 1 t-shirt, 1 mug, etc) and i think their shirts only come in grey and white

plus cafepress might not give you the type of profits you’d get from selling independantly. I know the ThunderChickens get our shirts for like $7 each, so selling for like 15 plus shipping would be a good profit, but cafpress might not give you that much back

Good Luck!

Great idea Genia, I’ll look into it tomorrow. This is just to supplement our community fundraising efforts, unfortunately, as we all know, you can only ask some people to give of themselves so many times.
As for the back of the shirts, its just a sponsor list. Because the shirts are being sold in a fairly public venue, we’ll be removing the sponsors. We will, however, try to keep our team logo (a black spider for this year) and name on the right sleeve if we can. I’ll try to get details up tomorrow or Tuesday.

759 cough cough
link in my sig :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically they give you a set price for the stuff, then you can choose how much to mark it up by to sell it, and then you keep the margin.

Team 269 “I Like Robots” Shirts are officially for sale to non-eBay users right now. The shirts will be just like the ones in the photo I originally posted but they will not have the Cooney Robotics logo on the sleeve or a sponsor list on the back.

If you are interested in purchasing one, fill out the order form attached to this post and send it back to:
Lauren Vertz
830 Armour Road 5
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

They are $15 per-shirt and cheques should be made out to Cooney Robotics. Please understand that we must have the money before we can order the shirts and that we will only be able to deliver shirts ordered by mail at Nationals so include your team number on the order forms!

I LIKE ROBOTS orderform.doc (21 KB)

I LIKE ROBOTS orderform.doc (21 KB)

Excellent idea. I saw those shirts at Boilermaker last weekend and wanted to get one.

If anyone would like to use eBay to purchase the shirts, we have them up at auction # 3966383629

That is one T-shirt that I’m putting on my birthday wishlist.

YEAH!!! I actually have made something that people like. I feel so special.


great shirt!!!

i want one…now how to convince mommy and daddy to write out a check hmmmm…this shouldn’t be too hard… i think…

but cool idea to raise money…S.P.A.M. should be doing something like this too…lol…

The “I Like Robots” t-shirts are on sale on eBay once again. If you want to stop by the Days Inn Downtown in Atlanta, GA after competition hours, we will also have a stash of shirts there for sale.

The new t-shirts can be found both on eBay or on the link at the bottom of my posts. They can also be purchased via mail for $15 (also linked in the signature).

I just ordered mine!

Love the color choice by the way!

Hope to see your team down in Atlanta!!!