Team #269 Wants YOU! (if you are age 21+)

No we don’t want you to buy us alcohol…We want you to join Brandon Martus to be on our team for the ‘adults only’ round at IRI. Martus is our new human player for that match, I’ll be coaching and we need two willing 21+ year olds to drive and manipulate our large arm. You also could’t have been a former driver or human player on a FIRST team. So if you want to control the mighty Hodag, throw a reply in or PM me.


Hey Ricky,

I’d love to do it if the spot is still open. I’ve never driven or been human player, only coached.:slight_smile: Let me know. See you are IRI

19…agism gets me again…can’t do the normal competition cause im a college mentor, but can’t fit in the 21+ category either…baah foiled again…o well i wont be at IRI anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you still need someone, I’ll drive for you. Just be sure to put some big, soft bumpers on it :wink:

I’m proud to introduce to you the 2004 IRI Adult Drive Crew of Cooney Quest: Mike Soukup driving, Jessica Boucher manipulating that loong arm, and Brandon Martus shooting the balls. Jeremy can be my backup if any of these people cower out. Watch out for this crew at IRI :stuck_out_tongue:

I played basketball in High School. Beware. Ha. :)[/sarcastic_taunting]