Team 270 Website--Just Up

Team 270 has just set up their website. BTW, I would like to know, from internet explorer users, why the font is messed up on the bottom of the main page. Please help… Thanks.

Website looks really nice! A few of your pictures seem pixelated but i like your site overall

Layout is a little confusing. I would recommend making a page about FIRST rather than having that long paragraph on the side.

I would also recommend using a Sans-Serif font like Tahoma, Verdana, or Arial for you main content. The Times New Roman you currently have really doesn’t match the site.

Thank you. I am planning to make a page about FIRST, but the problem is we got flooded by bots and stuff at first. So, we are sorta low on bandwith lol. But, we can try, i guess.

That can’t be, how much bandwidth are you alloted? Considering that your whole site is flat HTML files, you should be have no problem staying under even a small bandwidth restriction. Honestly, if it’s really that low, get a new hoster. :cool:

I meant bandwith, but i forgot that i get whole new bandwith every month. BTW, 600 gb of bandwith, and 30 gb of disk space.

Also, I have changed it so there is a FIRST Page. Thanks for the reccomondations. THANKS!!!

you were low on 600Gb? please, do share your secrets!

I see a photo on the front page of all places where a machine is being used and no safety glasses are present.

The pictures also seem to have issues with aspect. Maybe they are a specific size that doesn’t do well on different setups. I’d try setting them to a percentage to keep their ratio. Mind you, I have no touched HTML in years so I don’t quite remember how that works. Also, some pictures seem pixelated like they have been enlarged too much.

Love the website, but beware that FIRST will not like your implementation of their pixelated logo. You might want to try resizing that image, or possibly downloading a new logo from FIRST. :slight_smile:

P.S. - Your basically stretching a 71 x 64 pixel image to 139 x 124 pixels, it doesn’t look pretty. You should also use the standard attributes of width and height to define the image, not by a style (unless using it as a background).

You can grab a logo in all kinds of sizes here:

Also, you might want to ask the school district for a larger logo too.
That being said, I’m viewing in Firefox and your headline text and subtext seems abnormally large. It doesn’t fit well with the rest of your clean, tight, small page. Also, I’d suggest centering your page. There’s something to be said for left-aligned pages, but only if they’re really large. This layout would look much cleaner centered (and you’d even out your whitespace).

The photos and links pages scare me, but I’m guessing that’s just because you haven’t edited them yet? I’m concerned about them because they don’t match the fluidity of the rest of your site.

The Team Story page has great content, but consider rearranging it so it flows better. Think about the audience you’re trying to reach (specifically the website judges), and consider what order they want to read in. Me personally, I’d like to see the “Adding Fun” section first, but renamed to something like “Team History” followed by the 05 & thank you section, and then finally the current section.

Likewise, think about the order of your rules page, and consider changing the header names. To me, when I think about rules, they’re the rules of a website, so I might even consider changing that link to say something like “2008 Game.” Also, there’s a handy link on that page, but it’s not clickable!

The FIRST page looks nice, but the topmost section on the left has some formatting errors. Also, you might want to consider simplifying your content, or making the layout a bit easier to follow.

Lastly, remember images are meant to accentuate your content, not be big, bulky, information. Consider resizing images to thumbnails (clickable to view full-size if viewers want), or just shrinking them to maintain some quality.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but you can do it!

If you need some more examples, take a look at my team’s website: We’re currently in the process of updating our content for this season, but it should have some content that will help you out.

Also, take a look at Section 5: The Awards in the manual, and do a self-test using the scoring sheet they provide. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s in this year’s manual, but I guarantee it’s in an old one somewhere.

Good luck!

Your fonts are set to be size 4 & 6 for the concerned areas, whereas the rest of the page is just left alone as far as text height.


<font size="6">Many Members Cooperating and Having Fun</font><br>After one month of construction, planning, and meeting, the team's new players, especially freshmen, are getting excited. At the current moment, the majority of the team members are freshmen. Because of the work on the robots, the entire team is excited and ready to continue to work on the robot ". The robot looks fine, we have a website up, and the entire team is cooperating." That is what many of the players are thinking and saying. The future looks bright for the Team 270 Falcons.<br>

Play around with removing your 6’s (which is the smaller font) and leave the 4’s if you want the larger header font.

Or look into <H1> <H2> <H3> header codes]( to define font sizes for larger fonts.

H1 is largest, whereas H3 is smallest and so on.

Thanks fo the suggestions. We are currently doing them. THANKS!

Please continue giving suggestions. Thanks

good site. uno problemo however. i couldn’t get onto the forums. the site said to click on the picture below, but there was no link.
is there something here (or is my computer whacked out??)

Umm. When you were looking at the site, we were updating that specific part of the site. If you look at it now, and you are still seeing issues, please post here. Also, if you are seeing problems with the slide, please post here if any problems arise.

BTW, Hi!

BUMP Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback!

are you guys a rookie team. or did never get around to making a forum??
also its kinda dark. make it a little lighter color, easier on the eyes

We just never made a site before this year. LOL!

BTW, I reccommend using IE. If anyone uses mozilla firefox, the issue with the layout on the first page ( the sponsors is about 100 lines lower than its supposed to be and I don’t know why) is hard to fix so if you can help thanks. Thanks! BTW, should I register ( apply, submit, etc.)