Team 2733 Hint #1

This was originally made during week one, so a little outdated… but still fun.

If people can guess it, they get a cookie. :wink:

I will post a picture this week with a less cryptic hint.

You’re going to have an arm that can suck in the balls a la roller claws in 2011 and be able to shoot them out.

Interesting thought… but no.

Ok. Let me see… Elephants can shoot water from their trunks, and volcanoes spew lava from their volcano-hole-thingys. You’ll either make a really goo feederbot, or you’ll be shooting out a bunch of things from your robot! Or both!

Hmmm volcano vs. elephant. Volcanoes blow their top, so I’m guessing there’s going to be a shooter mechanism. They’re also quite a bit bigger than elephants, so I believe you’re using the full 84". Elephants are fairly big and immovable, so you have a method to overcome a pushing match.

You’re on to something! I’m guessing they will extend to 84" and stay in their key the whole match shooting 3 pointers the whole match!

All true.

Does that mean I gets a cookie? Or does I have to guess more? I like cookies :smiley:

You don’t have the full picture yet… so you can have half a cookie.:slight_smile:

Volcanoe definitly wins.