Team 2813 Frisbee Flipper

Something put together last minute at Madtown Throwdown to prevent jams and upside down frisbees :smiley:

I have not seen a shooter more similar to ours. We had very few upside-down loads, but when we did I wish we had thought of this.

Looks a lot like the pneumatic popper we had in our hopper. We set the throw short so it wouldn’t pop up an upright disk but would pop out any upside down disk that occurred only during manual loading. Fortunately we only had to use it a few times over the season:)

Yep, It’s just a simple spring loaded piston that we happened to find inside our toolbox. It just sits right under our shooter board tied on with zipties :stuck_out_tongue:

We really had a lot of problems with the robot jamming at Calgames, and this really saved us in alot of our matches at madera.

That is the coolest frisbee flipper I have seen! :D. I wish we could have done something like that but we didn’t use any pneumatics :(. So, was that frisbee flipper actually meant to flip the frisbee, or did it have some other function (A feature ends up doing a different thing as expected)? Also, was it required for the robot to spin to flip the disks?

Well we made it just so that we could flip any upside down fribsees we accidently load or fix any jams with out bucket :smiley:

And no, its not required to spin the robot to flip the frisbee, but its faster to spin the robot and flip the frisbee at the same time

That makes things sound more right!