Team 2836's Brand New website

There’s been one member on our team who has been working hard on our website for the past few weeks and I thought I’d post it up here to show off her work. Let us know what you think.

I like the layout, it is a nice clean design. Great job.

One word:

You definitely have something great going for you. A nice clean look. I like yor albums. You’ll need more about your team though.

Maybe some history, maybe a roster, past events?
You may want to have the video of Lunacy on the site to visually explain the game.
Perhaps separate your team’s current progress from the About Us paragraph (which needs splitting) and into a separate section.
FIRST needs to be capitalized in the browser page title
Try shrinking ebmpapst’s logo down to reduce blurriness, or obtain a higher resolution one from the company.
Try turning all those quotes on the front page into a compact Javascript scroller. Then distributing the images among the other pages for a neat, compact first impression.
I had trouble navigating because, well, I had Javascript turned off. If you have PHP or ASP, try using includes to make your navigation without scripts.

Good job so far!