Team 2845 - 2nd Teaser

Here’s another vid from yesterday… still I plan on putting some better ones up tomorrow. Unfortunately you can’t get a great view of the bot driving since we are still finalizing our C code; and our driver at this particular time was not the most perfect. Also, we are almost done working on the code to run the conveyor with a ‘burst’ speed option thing to shoot balls while retrieving.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. I promise more vids tomorrow :slight_smile:


i think that your robot is doing great. It looks like you covered the back and the sides of the lifter but i can’t tell if the front is covered. If it isn’t Make sure that you cover it up to make sure you don’t have entanglement. i like how you lift and shoot the balls though there is only one problem that i could foresee with the design which is:

<G36> ARENA Reset - ROBOTS must be designed to permit the release and removal of any GAME PIECES and the TRAILER from the ROBOT without being powered up after a MATCH. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the offending TEAM will be warned and requested to modify the ROBOT. If the modification is not made, the ROBOT may not be permitted to compete in future MATCHES.

just make sure in addition to covering it up that you will be able to take the balls out of it when it is powered down.

good luck to you in the competition

We can still move the conveyor, with some effort, even while the motor and chain are connected and powered off, so we’ll be okay there.

would they be allowed to just physically rip the balls out. ?

As long as they don’t damage the balls.

It appears that you have a neon light on your robot. I’d caution you to make sure that the bulb itself is not visible to other robots. As you can see on the camera, it looks bright and pinkish, and may confuse vision systems on other robots.

The lights are actually orange, and they are remotely disable-able if necessary. They are very low to the ground and surrounded by aluminum so I believe there will be no issues with vision systems. But, in the event of an issue - we have the ability to disable them.