Team 2845 - Another Video

Here’s the promised, better, more detailed video:

check it out.

btw if you are concerned about the lights on the front of the bot, they are easily turn-offable at competition, although I don’t believe they’re placement and color will interfere vision systems at all. But nevertheless, they can be disabled if needed.

What’s still missing - underbody LEDs and rear bumpers and last piece of lexan to cover electronics.


(The audio in the video got muted… so I updated it on YouTube - should be changed within a few hours.)

WOAH. Youtube killed your audio. I didn’t know they could do that.

what was someone from the warner music group doing watching your video, and then throwing a copyright infringement notice at it?

dang, thats just ridiculous.

I watched this with another teammate and we both agreed that it’s nice, simple, and should work well. Best of luck. :slight_smile:

awesome, good luck