Team 2845 - First year Bot

check out a teaser video…

Tomorrow I will post more videos and detailed pics. But for now,


I like, does it meet the bumper requirements ?

That is a really cool bot. How much does it weigh?

I believe it’s somewhere around 115 right now.

I will post video and pics tomorrow with bumpers on it.

Now that looks like it would be fun to compete with!

It also is illuminated glowing ORANGE. You’ll see in the vid and pics tomorrow.

I take pride in our OSSEO Spirit. :slight_smile:

Very nice looking 'bot, especially for a rookie team. Congratulations.

Just a word to the wise… a forum where one of the participants has a bumper sticker saying “my other robot is on Mars” isn’t one where you want to brag about your abilities.

True - I just feel proud for being a first-year team having accomplished what we have. I’m sure your team has an awesome bot :slight_smile:

Helloooo from the North East :smiley:
Well done for a first year team, get in practice time and it will pay off for the team. Hope you have a great time with FIRST as we have at Team 88 TJ2. :wink:
MOE and Team 88 TJ2 oh yeah ??? OH YEAH !!! :yikes:

Awesome robot guys! I wish we could have been there our rookie year, all we had was a plywood box that barely drove. :slight_smile: I’m sure we’ll be seeing good things from you guys in the future.

Looking forward to the updates.


EDIT: What material are you using for those paddles? It looks like polycarbonate, I hope it isn’t acrylic/plexiglas, we have had bad experiences.

Lookin’ great, I like the simplicity, yet elegance in executing the shooter. My one question is… what is accuracy like? It seems from the video that once you’re starting the shooting process, you’re going to shoot no matter what happens. So I was wondering if you guys had tested on a moving target.

This is pretty much my question for all shooters since we’re doing a “power dumper” so I’m just curious all around. Fantastic job for a rookie season, good luck at your regional.


Collective Ooooooos and Ahhhhhhs from team 2582…:smiley:

Seriously impressive!! Best of Luck…:cool:

We are currently finishing up a system that tracks each individual paddle’s position and writing software that can specify on-demand, based on how far to throw the ball, how much power to ‘burst’ into the CIM.

Now that is a unique take on how to throw balls this year. Well done!