Team 2853 presents...their Book of Electrical (updated for the roboRIO!)

Hi everyone! Some of your might remember our post from last year. Since the cRIO was replaced with the roboRIO, we’ve been busy documenting all the new shiny features.

(To save as a PDF, go to File > Download As > PDF. However, this will remove the Table of Contents hyperlinks)

Major Changes

  • Documented all new components of 2015 control system
  • Rewrote sample code (C++) to reflect changes (i.e. parts are now indexed at 0)
  • Added more sensors
  • Added mecanum drive
  • Added new wiring diagrams in the Appendix
  • Added new Driver Station
  • Fixed broken links

There are still a few sections that need to be written (more sensors, USB camera, eclipse IDE, SmartDashboard) & porting it to our website since a 160 page Google doc is quite laggy. Here’s a sample page.

View our changelog for up-to-date information.

We would definitely appreciate comments and feedback, especially if some information is not completely true/erroneous. We hope teams will find this helpful!

Very nice and very comprehensive.

Wow…that is exceptional…

I am really impressed. You should really move this guide to a GitHub repo. That way other teams can contribute by forking and making pull requests. This guide is so comprehensive that is would be a shame for it not to be open to collaboration from the community. Also see:

That’s a great idea. We’ll look into using that. Thanks! :smiley:

Edit: After looking into it, there are a two problems I have:

  • It will take a while to format everything in markdown.
  • Images don’t mesh nicely, see here. I can’t move the image down to the next line because it will reset my numbering to 1. It’s a small formatting issue, but it greatly bothers me :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be more convenient to implement a form for suggested changes?

Have you linked the book to a GitHub repo? If so, I can take a look at it and try to fix the markdown.

You can link it to a GitHub repo by going to the your book dashboard in GitBooks and choosing the GitHub option and then just set the repo.

For an example GitBook with a GitHub repo see:

We tried to link our current book to the repository here (by clicking on the “Github Integration” tab in GitBook). But nothing has been pushed. Sorry for the difficulty…we’re not too familiar with this.

We found out how to port it to GitHub and format it to our heart’s content. Working on a GitBook version now.

We figured out how to use GitBook & Markdown and are now in the process of porting it over.

Repository here

Import into Gitbook is about halfway done.

The changelog can now be found here.

Exceptional work, everyone! Thanks for all your effort! :cool:

You sir (team) are a god (gods).
Especially loving the detail and coverage of absolutely everything

Glad you guys are finding it useful! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delayed import into Gitbooks, the end of build season is coming close, and we’re currently overwhelmed with work (as many teams are as well!)

We promise to update sections towards the end of this week!