Team 2854

We worked really hard this year.



What is the purpose of the large springs in the bottom of the climb mechanism?

I’d say to help the scissor left get started on its upward ascent, as the gas shock doesn’t have a particularly good lever arm in that position. Neat solution :slight_smile:


That is a nice looking scissor lift- definitely playing to the strengths and weaknesses of scissors.


Underneath there’s a winch with two Neo’s that drive the lift. In the low position the lift needs a little push to get the gas shock to apply pressure to drive the lift to rise.

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Kudos to you guys on making a scissor lift that looks like it may actually be robust enough to last through an event (dare I say more than one event?). This is only the second scissor lift I can think of that I have seen which appears to be rather robust/not underbuilt.

Edit: The other scissor lift I’m referring to is 5409’s from 2018. Not that there aren’t others I’m sure, but I think we can all agree they are far and few between.

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Thanks for the props. Here’s the photo album whichs tells the story of how our season was going. We built a strong robot this year. Check it out: 2854 2020 Google Album

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