Team 2861 is Almost Done

Here’s a little preview of our 2013 robot.

-4 wheel drive, Omni’s just provide support for rocking
-Pick up system powered by a pneumatic suction cup, also feeds from the feeder station.
-10 Point climb, takes approx 5 seconds to ram the pyramid and actuate.
-Dual Cameras to view shooting and pickup systems
-Shoots 4 Frisbee’s in under 5 seconds.
-Autonomous starts in back or front, shoots two or three Frisbee’s and then drives forward to pick up the two Frisbee’s in front of the pyramid or the two in the middle of the pyramid, then proceeds to shoot them.
-Robot perimeter is 111.5 inches
-Fits in a 53 in. cylinder with arm extended
Any Questions Just ask.
**Sorry about the image sizes.

Looks good! Can’t wait to see it in person.

How are things going over in Rochester?

“Some assembly MAY be required”. For the first time, we made a clonebot for practice, autonomous, working through kinks etc. We’re going to need all of the time that bought us to be ready. But it is a very pretty shade of green!

still made out of wood i presume? Any pics you care to share with your neighbors?

We seem to have taken to calling it “laminated birch” now. But yes, traditional plywood (with ornately arranged holes), electric green, and behind schedule …with Duluth quickly approaching.

Am I reading correctly that you are picking up discs from the floor and shooting them in autonomous? If so, kudos! Definitely non-trivial tasks there. We focused more on tower climbing, so having the clone to use to refine the process will be our saving grace this year.

It’s not plywood, it’s “engineered cellulose composite” :slight_smile: