Team 2869 Proudly Presents: ALTAIR

Team 2869, The Regal Eagles, is proud to present our 2022 robot, Altair.

Features include:

  • Fully Rotatable Arm

  • Integrated intake and shooter

  • Ability to do both high and low goals

  • Limelight to accurately figure out the distance from the goal

  • Automatic calculation of speed given distance and angle

  • Automatic ball detection and pickup

  • Can shoot up to 20 feet away

  • Fully within frame perimeter

  • Side-by-Side Falcon 500 shooter

  • Flashlight to ensure correct lighting on the balls for detection.

  • Automatic Alignment to the Upper Hub

  • Dual "Climber-in-a-Box"s to get to mid rung.

Automatic ball pickup

20ft upper goal shot

Thanks to all our sponsors:

IBM, Code Dx, NYIT, Nvidia, E.B.T INC, Bethpage Union Free School District, Altice, United Technologies, CompTIA, The Grind, and Estée Lauder

We will see you at SBPLI #1 and #2


So can this thing hold 2 balls at once, or just one.
Also, how are you doing the ball tracking? My team has really struggled with getting it to work.

Good robot, and best of luck at your competitions!

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1 ball and photonvision with a lot of tuning


Did you find the flashflight had a big impact?

It works with and without a flashlight and it sometimes works better with, and sometimes better without a flashlight. The flashlight we have comes with multiple modes (high, low, and strobe) and it sometimes switches modes spontaneously, and since the talonsrx that controls it can’t read the output current afaik, the bot can’t tell what mode its on, so it sometimes makes it worse.

Team 8800 needs to step up their robot naming game


We had named our robot Altair in 2019 after the space ship for the canceled Constellation moon mission.

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We meant Altair as in a star whose name translates to Flying Eagle, this is our first year climbing, it also translates to falcon, and this is our first year using falcons.


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