Team 2895 IOS app

Hey guys so our iOS app just got approved by Apple and we just wanted to get the message out there that our app is out you guys should download it here at:

Our website is:

Thank you for reading this and please share our app

Is it available for iOS 10?

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Yes it will soon be available for ios 10 our developer is working on updating it right now as i write this.

I’d recommend making the advertisement less “in your face”. It takes up a good portion of the screen.

Some alternatives:

Smaller footprint

Incorporate a news cell into an advertisement, so that when you scroll through the news view, advertisements are included there.

Allow for an in-app purchase to remove ads

Otherwise, good luck! I like the concept.

Very cool, we are definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Thank you for the suggestions we will try to make it as user friendly as possible.

Any chance this will be followed up with iPad or android platforms?

Yes, Our developer is currently working on the android version of this app and as soon he is done he will be working on making the ipad version then most likely windows phones too lol :):yikes:

Hey guys so we just released a major update actually two version paid and non paid so please update to the latest version as soon as possible to get a better experience and we would like to apologize to you guys because our database was basically corrupted and we couldn’t recover any data so you guys might have to register again once again we apologize for the inconvenience we will try our best to make sure this does not happen again. Thank you very much

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