Team 2903 Kinect Beta Presentation

Hey, everybody!

Our team is part of the Kinect beta program, and we did a presentation a couple weeks ago.
It is on the web now, for everybody to watch!
FIRSTWA Kinect Page

The Kinect shows great promise for this 2012 season!

If you guys have questions about the Kinect, I can answer a good amount of them here.

Here are two threads we have put together on the kinect system that may also be useful. Thanks for sharing the presentation, it is a must watch for our systems team next week.

No, we did not use the Kinect on the robot itself.
We only used it as a way to control the robot.
Trying to use the Kinect on the robot will lead to a lot of interfacing issues. If you want to use the Kinect on the robot, you should start working with that very soon…