Team 2910 Code Release 2019

Team 2910 is proud to release the code for our 2019 robot!

The code is split into two parts. The common repository contains swerve logic, trajectory generation, and swerve module implementations. The 2019 repository contains all the year-specific code.

Some features of the 2019 robot code include:

  • Vision targeting to help line up for placing/picking up hatches
  • Choice between driver controlled and hybrid sandstorm modes
  • Climbing macro
  • CAN communication on separate threads
  • Includes common library though Git submodule and Gradle subproject

Some features of the common code include:

  • Trajectory generation
  • Custom trajectory constraints
  • Ability to specify robot rotation along a path
  • Reusable base swerve code
  • Easily implementable swerve module base class
  • 5ms control loop

Questions are welcome!


Thanks Jacob


Did you use a Limelight this year for vision?

They did use limelights.

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