Team 2910 Code Release 2022

Team 2910 is proud to release the code for our 2022 robot!

Some notable features of our 2022 code include:

  • Vision targeting and interpolation for shooting
  • A fully automated 7-second traversal climb
  • 9 autonomous modes with differing starting positions/cargo counts for maximum compatibility with alliance partners (+ 4 more double-preload autos for Chezy Champs)
  • Dashboard sliders to actively change shooter tuning mid-match
  • A dashboard climb chooser that allows us to pick between 6 different stages in our climb sequence from a mid rung climb to a traversal climb with our hood hooks in contact with the bar to ensure maximum compatibility with alliance partners

A note about our auto paths:

I’ve gotten many questions as to how we generate our auto paths. Our process involves creating a scale model of the field in SolidWorks and drawing a sketch consisting of lines and arcs, along with a square at various points representing the robot’s rotation. We then take the coordinates and rotations that SolidWorks gives and we input it into our AutonomousTrajectories class which uses Trajectory objects from our common library, which is also public on our GitHub. I hope this helps clear that up.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!


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