Team 2910's PathGenerator-Public will not build or activate


We are trying to use this program as a basis to build and make our paths for our mk2 swerve modules. For background the code we are currently using is a base from team Chuck 2147’s code which is based off of team 2910’s swerve drive code.

For this code to work a trajectory needs to be made and generated by 2910’s program PathGenerator-Public GitHub - FRCTeam2910/PathGenerator-Public . we attempt to use this software to make our code and we get a error stopping it. The error is

So how would we attempt to solve this error. Thank you for the help

I don’t think that application actually works anymore, I should probably archive it. I created it as a tech demo but I never implemented functionality to save paths.

If you want to build a working version you have to install an older version of our Common library to your local maven repository.

The “successor” that you might want to take a look at is PathViewer. It lets you save, load, and modify paths for use with our common library.