Team 2914 Robot Reveal

We will be competing in Mexico City, Greater DC and Chesapeake.

Solid design, and I think your team wins the prize for most beautiful practice space.

Does your RC knocker arm work as well on carpet? I’m curious if the grip on the bottom of the container would catch on the carpet and make it tip over.


Have you timed your autonomous? I’m having a hard time believing that at the speed in the video you would complete it in 15 seconds. Just a reminder for your programmers, you can execute actions simultaneously :wink: Like you could shave time off your auto by putting down the tote while the can knocker is getting back.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well. We can mount the arm a bit higher and reliably tip the containers over. We still haven’t decided if that’s a good strategy or not.

Our autonomous needs a massive overhaul to work on carpet. This was just a proof of concept. We know it can be done in under 15 seconds. But if we can’t get our knocker arm to work right on carpet, we might abandon this autonomous in favor of a simpler one.

I’m proud to say I “supervised” the production of this video.

(They took FOREVER shooting it, so I snuck in a nap)