Team 295 Minibot Teaser

Completely self contained. Reaches the top in 3.65 seconds, including deployment. Entirely built from tetrix parts (excluding various switches etc.)

Very, very nice.

Just FYI: Without deployment its 3.03-3.18 seconds

I’m pretty sure that would be an illegal minibot deployment. Your deployment, from whatI am taking from the rule updates, has to retract from the tower before your minibot can start climbing.

After re-reading the most current version of the manual, I’m fairly certain that this method of deployment is perfectly legal. I could find no mention of a need to move away from the tower after deployment.

Excellent work 295, I hope you don’t mind a quick question: Does the mini-bot come down the tower under power? Or is it assisted by gravity?

Could you give an exact quote regarding the retraction requirement? I did not find it.


It’s assisted by gravity. The motors are off for the most partl; electricity is still being transfered though.

Great minibot performance. Are you using magnets to hold to the pole?

For the most part, yes.

Very nice! Excellent job guys!

for the most part?

Quantum physics are heavily involved

aw you must have found Schrödinger’s Cat!

Heck, it was dead AND alive :stuck_out_tongue: