Team 295's Robot video.

Thought I’d put up our pre[strike]ship[/strike]bag video. Ignore the wonky camera movements, it’s what happens when you put a camera in a media teachers hands.

Wow! That looks really good. Your slide seems so smooth! Hope to see you at nationals!

Thanks, it came out pretty nicely.

A team member made a demo reel of our Davis regional

Demo Reel

Just an FYI: robot video starts around 1:45 beginning with autonomous (the demo reel)

After watching the video (great video btw!), I have two questions:

How did you guys do?

Why don’t you raise the lift before you get to the scoring grid? It seems you are wasting a bit of time, unless it gets unstable…

We made it to the second round of the semi-finals. And we get slightly unstable if we go full speed when the lift is past the first stage. Its safer to go slow and steady. But even our slow is pretty fast.

Yeah I remember scouting team 295 and I really loved your bot and how you picked up the tubes. It was a really cool design. Great job guys! (: