Team 296 Pushing 240 lbs!

A small preview of our 2011 robot, in this video it is not complete but it does showcase our revolutionary “Northern Drive”

Note the person in the video is 240 lbs and the robot is missing abour 30-40 lbs of additional weigh.

More to come enjoy :slight_smile:

That is not a real “pushing” force test…

We didn’t intend it to be anything serious we started doing this with small kids on the team working our way up to the biggest. We were inspired by 118 videos of batteries and humans being pushed by robots.

Any guesses what northern drive is?

When I first read the post title, I thought it was “Team 296 pushing [towards the weight of] 240lb!”


AHah that would be just a small problem

What is the coefficient of friction between butt and carpet?

Were any of these students your Safety Officer/Captain? I think you should get one.

Robots pushing people can lead to bad things. And, to me, is very irresponsible.


Last year 548s robot pulled three kids across a hardwood floor in our gym. If i had to guess the weight of all 3 of us I think it was around 380lbs. It didn’t move very fast and the leds dimmed a lot. Robots are just amazing.

Try a car. :slight_smile: