Team 2976 Full Media Set | 2022

Hey everyone! With the release of our Houston recap, I’m proud to say we’ve made it through a full season (finally) with Branding 3.0 and the new look/feel for Spartabots videos. I wanted to come on here to post all 5 links to our 2022 productions, as well as debrief them a little at the request of some teams (more in-depth breakdowns will happen in our Proguide series later over the summer).

Robot Reveal:
The Chronos reveal was our most daunting task all year, working with school admin to secure a facility to film in, getting a robot done in time to shoot the video, and actually producing it before the reveal event was a massive undertaking from the entire team. Even with the considerations in mind, we unfortunately had to film the reveal with an incomplete robot - You’ll see the different versions throughout the video and at competitions. We were going for a 610-esque look and you will definitely feel it if you watch the video - emulating their style is incredibly difficult but I think the final product was pleasant to watch. Total Production Time: 200 hours - 50 shooting, 150 post-production.

Auburn Recap:
This was my first attempt at fully producing a recap video from start to finish as I previously had another media lead above me managing this kind of content. At Auburn I found out that a shot list is basically useless (there’s no real time to stop the team to get shots, so you just roll with whatever you get). The bulk of the content came when our incredible human player, Gabriel, scored a game-winning shot in Semifinal 2. I ended up editing this video with that sequence as a cornerstone. Total Production Time: 65 hours - 20 shooting, 45 post-production.

Bonney Lake Recap:
Following a similar formula as Auburn, this video continues the [B-roll > A-Roll > Auto > Alliances > Playoffs] formula and added some flair on beat drops - fairly simple edit as it was done in a hotel room at DCMP. Biggest lesson from Bonney Lake: White balance is hard, and b-roll collection is possible with enough experience. Total Production time: 35 hours - 20 shooting, 15 post-production.

PNW District Champs Recap:
This recap was, in a way, practice for the worlds recap - I had the shot list from worlds and got all the shots necessary to make a worlds recap at DCMP. This way, if we didn’t qualify for champs, I’d still have what I need to make the same production. Since we did end up moving on, I instead used some unseen footage to create a rough test edit for Houston to try and minimize the post-production time. With an entire week to edit this recap during spring break, I was also able to pull in some extra footage from our reveal event to supplement the recap. Total Production Time: 70 hours - 30 shooting, 40 post-production.

Houston World Championship Recap:
We made it! Houston was the culmination of media work in 2022, pulling in effects, techniques, and lessons learned during all 4 of our other productions. Auburn’s crowd B-roll came back, Bonney Lake’s transitions stayed, DCMP’s reveal video B-roll also made a return. A large part of this production was done in the pre-production stage, with numerous test renders and rough cuts being made before the final video was even shot. This ensured that we would be creating the highest possible quality of video. Funny story: The blender rendered scene was actually lost from my computer after I made the initial test render in August, so the entire thing was remodeled and re-rendered form scratch (we would have had to re-render it anyways as the test render placed us in Einstein). I’m incredibly happy with how the final recap turned out and I hope to be able to top it next year. Total Production Time: 240 hours - 40 shooting, 200 post-production.

Total 2022 Media Hours: 610 hours.

post-production hours include pre-production, I wrote “post” only to save on space

Final Thoughts:
Media is a traditionally hard thing to do at competitions given their chaotic, stressful, and fast-paced nature. This season has taught myself and my media team some valuable lessons for footage collection at events, allowing us to optimize our quality of footage while never getting in the way of Pit Crew or Drive Team.

Also, doing a week 4, 5, and 6 event was horrible - avoiding that next year.


You guys have done incredible work. Great job!

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bro the work that you’ve put into all of this is actually insane

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if we get a media person these are the first thing im showing them


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