Team 2976 Presents: Zeus, the Lord of the Sky

We’re incredibly excited to present our 2023 challenger, Zeus! While we still need to do some iterating after our Week 1 Glacier Peak performance, myself and the media team have put a ton of work into this year’s video production.

Check out the reveal video here:

To have videos ready for the reveal event that we hosted just a couple of days ago, we worked with all of our reveal teams to produce reels for them. Part of those videos was our own reveal reel for Zeus. Production for this video followed a similar setup to last year’s Chronos reveal, utilizing our school’s theatre department black box as a cleaner set than our workshop. As with last year, we’d like to thank team 2046, Bear Metal for graciously allowing us to use their practice field (you can also catch their bots hanging out in the background of our reveal video).

We’ll have more information coming in our reveal event (and production) whitepaper, which will detail not just reveal video production and editing, but the tech behind the live event itself. This is information that is typically very hard to get your hands on, due to the “insider” culture of the live production industry and how poorly documented show production typically is. We hope it will enable teams to produce incredible live events and pre-edited reveal videos in future seasons!

That’s all from me for now, I’ll be back with the whitepaper and hopefully some more surprises in a couple weels.