Team 2984: The Vikings Reveal Video

Hello all!

Wow! What can I say! It’s been an amazing journey this past build season for Team 2984! Our amazing students and mentors have been working together tirelessly this build season and we are proud of our creation.

Our media and editing team has been working hard the past six weeks to document our build season and make an amazing reveal video for our robot to showcase to others. We hope you enjoy it: don’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two!

Robot Specifications

Wide orientation 4WD using 6" AndyMark performance wheels
Driven by CIMple Boxes (9.67 fps)
Human loaded into five gallon bucket
Two wheeled linear shooter with 2.875" Banebots wheels each driven by BAG motor in a 1:1 VersaPlanetary gearbox
RS550 pushes bottom frisbee into shooter
RS550 on leadscrew adjusts shooter angle
RS550 on leadscrew controls hooks for 10pt lift
Shoots from back of pyramid
The electronics also look nice