Team 2990 Hotwire Code Release (LabVIEW)

Hello everyone,

Here is our semi-recent code from Recycle Rush!

Nothing extremely special about it this year. We used mecanum drive with an option for Field-Centric driving, but the NavX, at the time, wouldn’t cooperate with us. We decided on using plain ol’ robot-centric instead.

We also attempted to create our own Reset Yaw block for the NavX, but ended up not using it either as it never worked quite how we wanted it to.

We did, however, implement stops on the forks with a large limit switch on the carriage so that it would know it was at “level 1”.

Wanted to let you know that the new LabView library includes zeroYaw functionality, based on the feedback from some of last year’s teams including yours.

Zeroing of the navX-MXP yaw is now all handled down on the navX-MXP (using the new 2.0 firmware) and it works very well. So if you haven’t already, please check that out and let us know if you have any troubles w/that.

Thanks Silbert,

Yes, we have played around with the new 2.0 Firmware and the Zero Yaw block is a MUCH welcomed addition! Thanks for all of your and your team’s hard work on the NavX!