Team 2992 5.8 Second Galactic Search

Just a quick sneak peek at Team 2992 SS Prometheus (Mandeville HS, Mandeville LA) 5.8 second Galactic Search (Blue) @Home submission. We think we can take a little more time off this, but might prioritize improving other scores. Look for more videos coming in the next few days (AutoNav, etc.).

GS Blue 5.8 second

For those who might ask we are using:
SDS Mk2 swerve modules geared at 14.2 ft/sec
Falcons for propulsion, Neos for steering
Touch it/take it intake near full width of the bot, Neo550 powered
Raspberry Pi w/ OpenCV for ball detection / path selection
Top flight code w/ lots of tuning from our programming team

Really proud of our team and what they have accomplished. This is our first ever swerve bot!


I don’t think you are allowed to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the balls. (Illegal motor) :wink:

Not quite understanding the completely blurred video… but time it took that blue to move across the youtube screen was impressive.

Kids decided to blur it out for today. We will release unblurred version tomorrow. Can’t give away all of our secrets with a couple of power teams in our division still to post scores…