Team 2992 SS Prometheus Announces Northshore Knockout Event July 31st, 2021 Hammond, Louisiana USA

Team 2992, the SS Prometheus is proud to announce and open registration for the 1st ever Northshore Knockout off season event, to be held on the campus of and sponsored by Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA.

Event is a 1 day off-season event, Saturday July 31st. Teams will be able to load-in and practice Friday afternoon. A social event with entertainment and food is planned for Friday evening.

Registration is now open here.

Registration fee is $300 per team, with a discounted rate of $275 if paid by July 10th. We will accept secondary (or beyond) robots on a space available basis at the cost of $100 per additional robot. We are capable of accepting up to 30 robots at this event.

Further details, including event rules, logistics, and safety protocols may be found here.

We will update this thread and the above document as additional details are filled in.

We look forward to seeing you “on the carpet”.

Team 2992
SS Prometheus
Mandeville High School
Mandeville LA USA


Fusion 364 is all in.

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Put me in as a volunteer for inspection, cueing, or whatever you need. If you need me for Friday load in, please let me know as soon as possible, at least a few days in advance.

We regret to announce that Northshore Knockout for this coming weekend in Louisiana has been postponed/cancelled. Our field supplier, AndyMark, has informed us that due to the recent Covid surge in our area they cannot support an event in Louisiana this week.

While disappointed, we certainly understand and respect AndyMark’s decision. We had in fact been having the discussion around whether to cancel or postpone with our attending teams and within our team over the past several days. We have notified everyone registered, and are in the process of notifying all of our volunteers. We are refunding all registration fees paid by teams for the event.

We had been keeping discussion around the event, and especially safety protocols, off of social media and via direct conversation with those participating. This was in order to avoid the normal course of “Covid related” conversations on CD. We will go ahead and share now what we had planned for social distancing and Covid safety, however. We are simply sharing this as what we came up with, and as potential ideas for other events, not to “argue against” AndyMark’s decision or suggest that their decision is wrong.

  • All attendees would have been required to wear a mask.
  • We were providing 15’ x 15’ SUPERSIZED pits per robot.
  • Pit layout included a 3’ alley between all adjacent pits to provide extra distancing.
  • We planned to have temperature checks and prodigious amounts of hand sanitizer available.

We will be communicating with AndyMark, our venue, and other involved parties to see if we can come up with an alternate date. AndyMark has indicated they may be able to support us at a later date. Looking at the calendar, however, and AndyMark’s field availability we think it will be difficult (though not impossible) to reschedule for this fall.

In any event, we DO plan to host this event next year (and with more advance planning/notice to teams), but dates obviously TBD, and will be set in consultation with our friends from Denham Venom and Fusion so as not to have conflicting dates with Red Stick Rumble 2022 and Beach Bot Battle 2022.

We would very much like to thank AndyMark and our event FTA Nick Lawrence for their support, and being upfront and forthright with us on this. AndyMark has been great to work with, and we look forward to working with them again on either a rescheduled or future year event.

We also want to thank our event host / sponsor – Southeastern Louisiana University and the Department of Industrial & Engineering Technology who made this event possible.

Can’t wait to “meet on the carpet” somewhere / someday.




Y’all got handed a deal that I wouldn’t wish on any off-season organizer. Fingers crossed that things line up for you this fall.

Good luck to you guys on your (and everyone’s) upcoming event. Hoping we are one of the few events that need to be cancelled due to “surges”.

If we can’t reschedule our own event, we will be looking into at least 1 additional “travel” off-season event to attend later in the fall.

Everyone stay safe out there…


Sorry and relieved at the same time…

Had I known this,

I definitely would have been there were it tomorrow, and almost certainly Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, thanks for the notice, and I’ve canceled my hotel reservation. Looking forward to NKO next year!

We appreciate all the hard work you and your team put in trying to make this happen.


I appreciate your understanding and grace with this decision. I hope we can see y’all down there later this year!



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