Team 2992 SS Prometheus Skills Challenge Videos (Updated)

New unblurred videos posted.

Galactic Search Blue 5.8 Seconds

Power Port 86 Points

New faster AutoNav scores coming, and videos coming once we get them cleaned up.


That Galactic Search Challenge is NUTS! One thing I’d point out that someone showed us is that technically your field set up is illegal for the shooting challenge (ours was too). You need a cone on A7-E7 and A9-E9. We had one on B9 but the 7 row was on the perimeter. Your cones also appear to be only on the perimeter. Does it matter? I don’t know. Should it matter? No, probably not. But JUST in case we have just redone our Power Port Challenge to avoid any DQs for technicalities.

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Ooh we missed that. Had markers but they are on the outline, not on A7,E7,A9, or E9. Thanks for the heads up. Hope we can recreate something close!

Top props to you and your team for what you are doing. Your shooter is insanely fast and accurate, not to mention your HPs. Sodium power!


You guys have really made this group a lot of fun! It’s really going to come down to the wire!

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Looks like the tiebreaker logic on frc-events isn’t working right. As of right now, I think you guys should be in 1st place. Tiebreaker 1 and 2 are both non-deciding. Tiebreaker 3 you guys are ahead 143.12 to 141.66, but it is showing us ahead of you. I put our group scores into the FIRST provided score calculator spreadsheet and it agrees that you should be in 1st place.

Of course, I’m sure we are both going to be submitting some better scores, and LOTS more team submissions coming including a bunch of really good teams, so this is all just an exercise at this point.

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Those scores are excellent! Great job guys!!
EDIT: Just saw the 104 score! WOW! Amazing! Great shooting!! Can’t wait to see the video of that one!!

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Where’s my white flag? I’ve got a few more videos to edit today but I think you’ve locked this thing down! Hats off!!

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We will try and have video of the PP104 later today. Everyone is pretty tired after a bunch of really long days and hard work running through the finish line. Major props to 6329 who kept raising the bar higher and higher and forcing us to innovate. We literally iterated 3 times yesterday on our shooter feed to speed it up and cut cycle times. Went from 10 cycles to 12 in a day!


A bit later than we hoped, but here are some updated videos including our 103 point PowerPort.

Galactic Search Blue 5.7 second

AutoNav 21.6 Seconds

Interstellar Accuracy 45 Points

Power Port 103 Points

Associated story #1: We realized Thursday morning when doing a final review of our videos before locking that a field reset error had occurred on our Blue B run and one of the balls was at the wrong location. We didn’t have another clean video of any times nearly as fast, so we made an emergency run to our workshop and reran the Blue B video with proper field setup. It worked 1st try so we got the video in 1 take. It turns out we had tweaked a constant in our code around max robot acceleration bounding the night before, while working on AutoNav. As a result, we actually dropped our time on Blue B from 2.83 to 2.73 seconds. The Blue B video was shot with less than 2 hours to go before the submission deadline. This 0.1 second drop on this skill got us out of a tie with several other robots and bumped us up 1 slot in the global leaderboard.

Associated story #2: We had a Power Port 86 point (10 cycle) run that we were happy with posted with several days to go. As @jboynton6329 pointed out higher in this thread, it was NOT a legal video as we didn’t have markers at the right place. (Thanks for being superGP and pointing that out - even though we were both on Sodium.) As a result we had to reshoot Power Port on Wednesday night. The team decided there were some optimizations we could make to speed up cycles. We literally iterated 3 times on the last day on our shooter feed mechanism (e.g. re-gearing motors for more speed) and were able to not only reproduce our 10 cycle run, but pushed it up to a 12 cycle run. We had originally scored this run at 104 points, but downgraded it to 103 out of an abundance of caution. (The 2nd shot of cycle 7 was the one we were worried about and downgraded.)

Major props to Team 6329 and @jboynton6329 for their inspirational videos. We would not have ended up nearly where we did without their videos, forcing us to push ourselves beyond where we thought was possible just a few days earlier. Would love to someday get to play with you guys in person (though will be hard due to districts and split worlds). Also thanks to @mjansen4857 and Team 3015 for the wonderful Leaderboard, as well as @GregBilletdeaux and Team 930 for the also wonderful All Scores spreadsheet.



Thanks for the shout out. We really enjoying competing against you guys (and the rest of Sodium for that matter). The back and forth of that last week made it feel just a little bit like a real competition. We had a team meeting back in early March where we debated keeping our scores until the last minute or posting as we went. I told them if we decided to post then that meant we would have to push hard all year long and they were 100% game. The kids all decided while it may cost us a win, the best thing we could do was to make this year fun was to post it and if we inspired someone have a little fun and top us then that would be awesome. I hope one day we can share the carpet for real too!