Team 2993 Minibot Prototype

The red marks on the pole are at 1ft intervals.

Also, I am not actually holding the bot as it moves, just ready to catch it when it falls :smiley:

Update: it drives at 2.3ft/s, so it can go the pole height (93ish inches) in 3.4 sec. This drives the motors at 87.6rpm, while max power is at 76rpm (though the power difference between those RPMs is only 1/3watt and max power is 9.3ish watts so the difference is small).

Wow! That’s quite a bit faster than our prototype!
Congrats! One question though, did you just direct drive those wheels?
Team 8, paly robotics

Looks great! I have a few questions:

How fast can it make it all the way up the pole?

How heavy is it?

It looks like a 1:1 with the 4" wheels, but I am not sure. How is this set up?

This uses 2 motors geared up 120 to 80 (so 3/2).

Weight? I’m not sure… but it has 2 motors and a battery. They rest of the parts don’t add too much.

The red marks on the pole are 1 foot apart so you can calculate speed and ascent time. I will do the calculation when I have time and post back

Lots of pics here for construction details

I’m not sure about the weight

The red marks in the vid are 1 foot apart so you can calculate speed. I haven’t had time to yet but will post back when I do

The 2 motors are geared up 3/2

More pics detailing construction here