Team 2998 Is Looking for Mentors

Team 2998, The Vikingbots, has seen an overhaul of mentors due to teachers leaving the school. Because of this, we’re looking for mentors in the following roles


Our team is relatively small and hosted within our school. For more information, you can contact me by email: [email protected]

If I was closer I would but if you need alway reach out in a pm here or I’ll send you my email.Feel free to let teams in your area know you are needing help and perhaps they might come assist your team

Reach out to team 422 at Maggie Walker. Governor’s School used to be housed in your school until 2001 (I’m a Governor’s alum, I graduate in 2001, the last year it was housed there) and team 422 was started while Governor’s was at Thomas Jefferson (I’m one of the founding members of the team). They may be able to give you some guidance and hopefully some help.

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Sorry for replying so late. We are currently in contact with 422 and have been meeting consistently with them and had a joint kickoff together.

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