Team 3000!

Congratulations to BAE Systems & Jeffersontown High School on becoming the FIRST team 3000. :slight_smile:

The highest number I have seen so far is team 3051.

I was looking through the NASA grant list and completely forget numbers were rising so high! It is always great to see that this great program is growing. Good luck to team 3000, and beyond!

sheesh… feels like only yesterday we barely got past 1000… eh more like 4-5 years ago lol

Yeah, and it was only two years ago when we got past 2000. Just imagine: about 1700 teams with about 30 students per team. Thats pretty big. :yikes:

when i was on the robowizards, we had the max, 9 kids lol, until 06 out of no where about 18 or so

…Wow, this program is getting big! If only there were as many resources for team longevity as there are for starting new teams…

No kidding especially with the economy the way it is, we lost all but one of our sponsors. And we are going to have just enough money it looks like to pay for our entry fee, but no second regional for us this year…

Please tell me they’ll name themselves the Spartans…

Team 1000 was a rookie in 2003.

Team 2000 was a rookie in 2007.

Part of the reason for getting to team 3000 so quickly is that FIRST issued only odd numbers between 2700 and 2826. About 75 potential numbers were skipped.

Also there is a gap between the highest number in 2007 and the lowest number in 2008, and again in 2008 to 2009. About 50 numbers were not used.

I’m hoping they call themselves MST3K :yikes:

Y3K? :cool:

Why only odd numbers?

I wonder if a certain internet meme will still be relevant once we hit 9000… :smiley:

over under 2012 season when we get to team 4000?

i say under

Actually, I bet AndyB from 171 lunch at a regional that teams would get over 3000. Sucker! :stuck_out_tongue:


p.s. they got over 3000 like a month ago

I say under, probably 2010.

I say ‘under’ as well.

any thoughts on what will happen the day they reach team 9999?

Hexadecimal team numbers.

Maybe they will distribut those numbers that were not used?