Team 3015 Ranger Robotics: Galactic Search Challenge

A huge shout out to @mjansen4857 and our entire programming team for their work. This robot zips!


Ignoring how awesome this new 3015 robot is, I just want to thank the team for sharing all these videos. This is really cool to see, and will certainly raise the bar for the Infinite Recharge at Home Challenges.


Amazing set of videos, and thank you for posting and inspiring us all.

Not to diminish the achievement this score/video represents I do have a question around your score showing in the portal as 7.6 vs. the time stamps shown in the video.

Rule indicates each run is rounded to the nearest tenth of a second BEFORE being combined into the raw score. Using the finishing stopwatch on your videos, I think this means A Red would score as 3.7 (rounded down), and B red as 4.0 (rounded up). I would have anticipated frc-events reporting this total as 7.7 total raw score, not what it is showing as 7.6. Frankly, even if it was rounded AFTER adding the time together, it should still round up to 7.7. Is frc-events improperly truncating instead of rounding submitted times?

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