team 302 OTHER TEASER! i guess

well we rendered a couple shots i guess for a sponsor presentation so here is another one this is the floor of our hallway. dont mind the cloth or the legs of the table but do you have any idea for cloth textures we were gunna do silk maybe unless someone has another idea

suggestion tone down the shininess of the floor and the reflectiveness too. The cloth is a little too bright of a color and looks cartoonish. add some grey to it and it should be fine. Other than that it looks great.

actually, i really like the floor texture. really. it is quite shiny, but if that is the look you are going for, power to ya.
For a cloth i made a while ago, i used the standard max white linen texture, but used photoshop to change the color. that may give it a better texture. maybe not grey, but i agree you should tone down the red a little, stands out a bit too much for me.
keep it up.

I like it, too. It looks really good. On another note, I’m not really sure this needed its own thread. This probably could have been put in the previous thread, which probably could have gone in the Animation Previews thread.