team 302 shows their spirt

This a hill across from our school. Members of our team spray painted this Right after state competition even though we did not make it to states this year we wanted to share our spirt with the school, and make sure that they all lost the game.

Please note that spray painting the hill is a widely excepted practice at our school and we did not get in trouble.

resized 2.JPG

resized 2.JPG

Haha, sweet!.. I lost the game. :stuck_out_tongue: What would have made it even cooler is soccer balls all over or something to do with Breakway. Still, it’s very awesome!

Oh, come on, not again! Why must I lose the game! sadface

I’m telling you I went all day until now!!!

But thumbs up. I’m sure many of my fellow members on Team Max who in enjoy the game would love to give you a high five for doing something as Epic as that.

Epic win for my painting skills along with our programmer, shop man and many others