Team 303 - The T.E.S.T. Team - Full Robot Reveal

We are proud to present to you our 2019 robot.

(Make sure you watch until the end)

We will be competing at:

Mount Olive District event (Week 2)
Bridgewater-Raritan District event (Week 3)
Hudson Valley Regional (Week 4)
Bensalem District event (Week 5)

Thank you to our gracious sponsors and good luck to all teams!


Looks great guys.

Ha! when I saw those comments in the teaser thread I immediately thought of that long cylinder that you guys bent back in our shop at Duel. When you brought that to me it was bent darn close to 90 degrees but the two students were able to get it back straight with no rough spots.

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Great robot! Looks like you got floor pickup to work reliably with velcro, ahem, hook tape, which was something we struggled to do. Loved the jab at CD :joy:



Haha that was quite the ordeal at Duel on the Delaware. We like to poke fun at how absurd the situation was. Thanks again for helping us out!

Nice video! Looking forward to hopefully seeing it for myself at fma champs.

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