Team 303 - The T.E.S.T. Team - Robot Teaser

Here is our teaser video.
Full reveal coming soon!

This year we are competing at:
Mount Olive District event (Week 2)
Bridgewater-Raritan District event (Week 3)
Hudson Valley Regional (Week 4)
Bensalem District event (Week 5)

Good luck to all teams, and have a great season!

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I’m a bit concerned about bending those rods while climbing. Unless there’s something that tilts the whole cylinder itself, you can clearly see the rods bending as the robot is driving forward. If you permanently bend the rods, the cylinders won’t work and you’ll have to replace them.


Even temporarily bending them and bending them back, in my experience, can mess with seals and cause leaking.

Hoping to see the full reveal video coming soon. Having worked with you guys years in the past, always a joy. Good luck this year!

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