team 3034 rolling on ice

No regolith available, a local team decided to test the robot on ice…yep…ice…

wow thats crazy

too bad i live in florida

That’s an innovative solution. :slight_smile:

we had plans on doing the same thing if we didn’t have enough money for regolith. It would of been very fun, but we did manage to get some regolith afterall.

Well, to make you feel better, that is way, way more slippery than the regolithe. In case you didn’t know.

Ice is indeed slippery…
We measured COF of about 0.02.
Although if the robot stands for a few seconds the ice holds the wheels and the COF is a lot more.

Same here.

I applaud your ingenuity. Its always fun to put a twist on the game during practice. Ice here in Florida is a little harder to come by. (somehow the rinks frown on us wanting to put robots on their surfaces)

Worse than Isreal? :ahh: I haven’t been in Florida for a while, but I thought last time I was there you folks were aware of refrigeration. :cool:

somehow the rinks frown on us wanting to put robots on their surfaces

They weren’t too happy either.
But since the rink is usually empty, we managed to persuade them.

An EMPTY ice rink?? Such a thing is pretty much unknown in Canada. Well, except for the outdoor rinks when it gets really cold out.

But I have to admit that I, too, was fascinated by the concept of a hockey rink in Israel… I’m not sure why, because I’ve seen them (and skated on them) in Australia and elsewhere.

Our team has had a somwhat unofficial policy the last couple years of trying (with increasing success) to cut Friday build periods a bit short so that the mentors can go play hockey.


There’s not much hockey in israel…
I know of only 1 team, but I guess that if there’s 1 there’s probably a second one.

Pretty good, but with us we found some at homedepot. Only advice is that you pick up the slack in those chains it looked as if there was a whole centimeter of shift at the middle

I was thinking of trying the same thing. I know the people who work at a rink, and might be able to get some ice time right after a skate practice one night before they run the zambonie on it. Do you think it did a good simulation job?

It didn’t really give a good simulation.
It was a lot of fun, but the ice, by our calculation, is too slippery.
I don’t think it’s a good simulation.

What a great solution to an otherwise show-stopper problem! Kudos to 3034! Never let “little problems” (like you can’t get the required materials) get in your way.

we could not get the regolith but we use ice outside. Our school is 72 acres and it is easy to find a big patch to practice on