Team 3081 2018 Code Release

Here is the link to our GitHub repository containing our 2018 code. Our 2018 code base is written in C++ and uses the WPI Command framework. This release also contains initial code for our 2019 practice robot chassis written in Java.

Some useful utility classes:

  • REV Digit C++ library (Source, Header)
    This is a useful utility class that can interact with the REV Digit MXP Display .

  • REV Digit Autonomous selector (Source, Header, Usage)
    The REV Digit was used as our primary mechanism to select which autonomous mode is ran. The buttons on the digit are used to cycle through a list of available autonomous modes and displays the currently selected autonomous on the digit’s screen. The autonomous selector is able to change modes even when the robot is disabled and disconnected from the driver station, which is useful if the mode needs to be changed in queue or on the field. Additionally the selected autonomous mode persists across power cycles.