Team 3098 Waterford Robotics looking for mentors ('21-'22)

Hello from Waterford Robotics Team 3098!

We are looking for mentors to help with mechanical design/ assembly, programming and some business skills. Our numbers may be recognized from our time as the Waterford Kettering Captains, however last school year, we merged teams with Waterford Mott becoming Waterford Robotics Team 3098. We are planning to meet in person out of our workspace in Waterford Kettering after school. Currently we are looking at participating in OCCRA and FRC this year. Questions can be directed to our email at

Thanks and Good Luck this year!

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As a current Waterford resident I am sad to hear that 2612 will no longer be competing, they had a good run and hosted a well run event for a long time.

It may be helpful to share a bit more about your team for others out there who may be seeking a team. Here are some common questions I’ve asked when joining a new team in the past.
How large is your team? What does the meeting schedule / time commitment look like? (don’t need to answer that on a public forum) How large is your mentor group? What support do you have from the school / administration?
Mechanical design / Assembly:
What design software do you use? What manufacturing resources do you have?
What language do you use?
Business skills:
This is very broad, are you seeking marketing, fundraising, website, networking / Chairman’s assistance, all of these?

Best of luck in your recruiting process.


To be more specific, We are currently a team of 6 students between both schools. We are currently working with both schools and upper administration to get the word out for student recruitment. We have 3 “core” mentors who take on the bulk of running the team, two of which actively assist with robot build.

We use Autodesk Inventor for CAD with access to an intermediate machine shop (drill press, lathe, bandsaw). CNC/ Waterjet has been provided by a sponsor. Programming has been based in Java with a basic knowledge of RobotC/ Vex V5 for our Fall season. While a dedicated business “team” is a ways from solidifying, we would appreciate assistance primarily with website and fundraising.

Thanks for the reply, hopefully this helps answer some questions.

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